A EUEFPA Press Release Brussels, September 17, 2012 EUROPEAN REGISTER FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS

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European Federation of Psychologists Associations EFPA
Press Release, Brussels, September 17, 2012


How does one find a psychologist? And how does one know that a psychologist is qualified and competent in a certain field of practice? Many European countries have a law protecting the title of psychologist and keep a register of psychologists allowed to use this title and/or practice as a psychologist, and an increasing number of psychologists have their own website where they describe their services and qualifications. EuroPsy provides a solution at European level and enables the public to check the credentials of psychologists.
EuroPsy, the European Certificate in Psychology, has been developed to create greater clarity and uniformity across European countries. It shows that the holder has received a high standard of education and training in psychology and follows the ethical code of psychologists. It also requires psychologists to stay up to date through Continuing Professional Development. EuroPsy is designed to supplement national standards rather than replace them. Since its requirements are the same across Europe, EuroPsy is not only helpful in the home country, but also when psychologists work in another European country.
EuroPsy works in a simple way. Psychologists with the proper education and professional training need to apply for certification via a special committee in their country. If they meet the requirements their name is entered into a public register that can be consulted by anyone through the Internet. The register also indicates whether psychologists have specialist qualifications, e.g. in psychotherapy.
EuroPsy is managed by EFPA, the European Federation of Psychologists Associations. This is a federation of 35 national psychologists associations with over 300.000 psychologists. EuroPsy was launched early last year and is now being issued in twelve countries. The number of psychologists in the register is over 3000, and is growing steadily. The long-term goal is to create a system where members of the public can find a psychologist, or check the qualifications of a particular psychologist anywhere in the European Union or another country of Europe.


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